University Institute of Lisbon

Joana Alexandre

Joana Alexandre is an assistant lecturer at ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon – where she did her PhD. She is also a researcher at CIS (Center for Research and Social Intervention). During the last 10 years she has been involved in community and educational intervention projects as well as on their monitoring & assessment.

Sveta Solntseva

Sveta holds a master’s degree in Social Psychology and is currently working at CIS-IUL (Psychology Research and Social Intervention Center) at ISCTE (Lisbon, Portugal). She previously volunteered in human rights education in humanitarian settings and worked with students with special needs.

Inês A. Ferreira

Inês A. Ferreira is a research assistant in psychology at ISCTE-IUL. With a master’s degree in clinical systemic psychology, she has previously worked in research in environmental psychology at Lund University. Her main research interests include community development in urban low-SES neighbourhoods, people-environment studies and inclusive education. In GRIT project she was maily involved in IO1, being responsible for the initial characterization of the portuguese context (in terms of early school leaving and existing measures to tackle it, as well as Growth Mindset approach and tools, in Portugal), contacts with schools and teachers, conduction and first analysis of interviews and focus groups with teachers, as well as the development of tools to integrate IO1 toolkit and preparation for testing its implementation in schools.

Cecília Aguiar

Cecília Aguiar is an assistant professor at ISCTE-IUL and a senior researcher at CIS-IUL. With background in developmental and educational psychology, she has both conducted and participated in research on quality and teacher practices in early childhood education and care, focusing on children’s social outcomes, including the social participation of children with disabilities. Aguiar served as an Associate Editor of the Early
Childhood Research Quarterly between 2016 and 2019. She has been awarded several grants, all of which secured through competitive calls. Further, she coordinated the dissemination workpackage in the FP7 CARE Project and the workpackage on curriculum, pedagogy, and social climate in the H2020 ISOTIS Project. Aguiar is also the national coordinator for Erasmus+ Projects KIT@ and BECERID. Within BECERID, she coordinates, a research-based blog on inclusiveness in early childhood education. Since September 2019, she is also the coordinator of the Erasmus+ project PARTICIPA Professional Development Tools Supporting Participation Rights in EarlyChildhood Education.