Training for teachers to the Growth Mindset approach (IO3)

This material is intended to meet the needs of educators, trainers, headteachers, school leaders, specialists in teachers’ professional development and others who would like to develop the growth mindset in their teams, schools, organizations etc.

The manual consists of two parts: scenarios of fours session and the trainer manual. The last one covers essential knowledge about adults’ learning, including establishing learning goals, selection and application of cognitive strategies and evaluation. We prepared it for those Readers who had no previous experiences with teaching adults.
The sessions are divided into four. The first one helps to understand the Growth Mindset concept in a school setting. It can be supported by session two, which allows participants to understand their mindsets developed during their school career. Session three lets the participants learn how to apply the Growth Mindset in a school setting. Session four is an introduction to the GRIT tools. Each scenario contains a session description, learning goals, timing, detailed description of the activities and list of necessary materials. Handouts are added at the end of each session.