Erasmus+ project GRIT

The Erasmus+ project GRIT aims to prevent early school leaving (ESL) for students at risk by implementing the Growth Mindset approach within secondary education. 

The project is developed by the following European academic institutions:

  • Karel de Grote University College (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Iriv Conseil (Paris, France)
  • University of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland)
  • University of Lisbon ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Hogeschool Rotterdam (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). 

The title of this project, GRIT, is an acronym for Growing in uRban educatIon and diversiTy. It focusses on the concept of Growth Mindset. The cultivation of a growth mindset is a popular and powerful idea in the educational landscape. A growth mindset is a psychological factor – often referred to as a motivational or non-cognitive factor – that in students, next to cognitive factors, can influence academic performance. Recent research has shown that growth mindsets especially benefit students with low socio-economic status or who are academically at risk and can therefore narrow achievement gaps (Paunesku et al., 2015; Sisk, Burgoyne, Sun, Butler, & Macnamara, 2018).